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The latest release of all minor releases are below, earlier releases in a minor release version are available under the archived releases link below.

stable-9: .zip .tgz (all) apidocs xref Stable 9.2.7.v20150116
stable-8: .zip .tgz (all) apidocs xref Stable 8.1.16.v20140903
stable-7: .zip .tgz (all) apidocs xref Stable 7.6.16.v20140903
9.2.7.v20150116: .zip .tgz (all) apidocs xref P2 Release
9.2.6.v20141205: .zip .tgz (all) apidocs xref P2 Release
8.1.16.v20140903: .zip .tgz (all) apidocs xref P2 Release
7.6.16.v20140903: .zip .tgz (all) apidocs xref P2 Release

Note: Releases are *.zip and *tar.gz files. There are also other files containing signatures and checksums under (all) that you can use to validate content.

You can find all archived Jetty releases (for Jetty 7+) here.

Jetty P2 Repositories

These are not for general use and are provided strictly for OSGI users.

Composite Jetty7 P2 repo - jetty-bundles-7.x

Composite Jetty8 P2 repo -

Composite Jetty9 P2 repo -

Jetty orbit dependencies